Layne Harper – Medicine Cabinet (Official Music Video)

Layne Harper’s most notable and heartfelt track to date gets the visual treatment.

Click To Download: Layne Harper – Medicine Cabinet


“Rummaging through a person’s Medicine Cabinet is a great way to learn more about him or her. It’s also an outrageous breach of privacy, so those with a sense of decency generally refrain from taking a peek. Layne Harper bravely throws his open for all to see. The Memphis-based lyricist narrates a harrowing cautionary tale about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Over the spacey board work of Miami Beat Wave, Harper details the havoc a drug habit can wreak on the lives of those around an addict, as well as that of the addict himself. After seeing his children removed from his care, the narrator continues popping pills until one morning he wakes up dead—yes, wakes up dead. Thought-provoking and all too-plausible (well, he may have taken a little artistic license with the ending), this sobering jam is just one of many quality cuts set for inclusion on Layne Harper and Miami Beat Wave’s “Beyond Category” EP.”

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