Kinetics – With A Little Help From My Friends (Mixtape)

Grammy-nominated-songwriter Kinetics was nominated for a reason. Most people don’t really listen to lyrics anymore (at least that’s how I feel), but that is exactly what sets him apart from everyone in the rap game. He seamlessly flows meaning into each lyric he writes and goes about performing them with a firery passion. Def a huge reason why he is one of my favorite hip/hop artists in the game today. He puts his heart and soul into his music and this time he does it with a little help from his friends.

Teaming up with the likes of Mike Stud, Chris Webby, Missy Moddell, Kam Royal, Hendersin, Dylan Owen, and others to give us 16 songs equaling exactly one hour in length. You are gonna wanna kick back, turn this tape up, and enjoy some of the best lyricism in the game today. Complete track listing after the jump. Grab a free copy of the tape below.

Click To Download: Kinetics – With A Little Help From My Friends (Mixtape)

1) Chris Nolan (Feat. Yung Joey & Beau Young Prince)
2) Rain Outside (Feat. RA Rugged Man & Remedy)
3)Game Over (Feat. Chris Webby)
4) Bottle It Up (Remix Feat. Mike Stud & Accent)
5) Make It Work (Feat. Accent & Missy Modell)
6) Rich Man (Feat. Unknown Prophets)
7) Runaround (Feat. Accent)
8) Cosmic Consciousness (Feat. Kam Royal, Money Mars & KTSB)
9) Any Means Necessary (Feat. Nitty Scott)
10) Would You Follow Me? (Feat. Deuce Broadway)
11) 845 (Feat. Krystyle)
12) Million Miles of War (Feat. Man-U-iLL)
13) Breakfast Coke (Feat. Chance Fischer & Dylan Owen)
14) Back Home (Feat. Hendersin)
15) This Is Not A Love Song (Feat. Accent)
16) Music Speak (Feat. B.Love & Hunter Stout)

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