Basic Physics – Light Me Up (Volume 1) [Incredible Electro Mixtape]

In an incredible shift in the blogosphere and the ever transforming landscape of music, mashups have faced a decline, both in commitment and quality. Often resorting to gimmicks and outright plagiarism, the genre has been tarnished with a sad perception that only few of the elite can escape. Basic Physics is one of these elite. With a stated and proven mind for vision and a standard of excellence that is not only necessary but rare in these times, he’s set his sights to correct the perception many have of what is being called a dying field. Light Me Up is incredible, the transitions flawless, the project well thought out and clearly a testament to his veteran nature. Featuring 8 tracks, 5 of which are unreleased, he whets our appetites for the coming weeks, which will be fraught with single track releases. To put it basically, 8 tracks, 5 unreleased in a little over 30 minutes. The only problem I have is, it leaves wanting more, but what’s wrong with that?

Click to Download : Basic Physics – Light Me Up Mixtape Volume 1

Basic Physics – Light Me Up (Volume One) by Basic Physics

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