Deadmau5 “Button Pushers” write-up meets backlash as expected

The Kanye West of EDM never disappoints when it comes to making headlines and more importantly, making a point, valid or otherwise. In an incendiary post on his tumblr titled “we all hit play” he debases the god-like regard for DJs worldwide stating that

I think given about 1 hour of instruction, anyone with minimal knowledge of ableton and music tech in general could DO what im doing at a deadmau5 concert. Just like i think ANY DJ in the WORLD who can match a beat can do what “ANYONE else” (not going to mention any names) is doing on their EDM stages too.

The creative world contains many the ego and of course, the music world is no different. I’ve read alot of articles and statements refuting deadmau5’s view on the subject of DJng, it being viewed as an “art” “time-consuming” & having a certain “magic” when done correctly. Bassnectar had alot to say on the subject, really going in depth in his reply to Joel Zimmerman’s opinion,

Question : Hey Lorin (Bassnectar) – I’ve always wondered, and I think I speak for a lot of people when I ask this, but what exactly do you do on stage when you’re performing live? A lot of people argue that electronic music is nothing more than a DJ pushing buttons and that it takes “no skill.” I always tell them it is much more than that – obviously it takes skill to produce everything that you have, and I feel like your shows do in fact involve much more than just pressing play and pretending to mess with knobs, but could you please elaborate on how you actually do perform? I think that a lot of people are also curious.

Bassnectar : I view DJing as an art, and quite frankly as an honor, to perform for a captive audience in a world of short attention spans and overstimulation. During a set I work nonstop, frantically combining unlimited loops & sounds & samples & effects into customized “live remixes” . I also get the fuck down, I let myself dance and enjoy the music the same way I do when I am at home working in the studio: i LOVE music, and I have been producing, remixing, sampling, synthesizing, creating, and DJing for over 15 years. Most people love music, I think.

When accused of dodging the issue he simply commented saying,

Lay off the incessant negativity.

I can respect that.

Others were a lot less passive and a lot more volatile in their response, British DJ & producer Mr. C stating,

Mixing isn’t about counting to 4, it’s about selecting the right record at the right time to CAPTURE THE MOMENT in creating extended long DJ mixes (beat matching) that make the tunes sound like live remixes,” he wrote. “FYI Deadmau5, there’s a magic that happens when 2 tunes are mixed properly together by a real DJ. Now you run along & carry on button pushing to play your cheesy pre organized shit to children in fluffy boots & stop bothering us adults all with your uninformed opinions & lies. FUCK YOU IN EVERY ORIFICE

To which the ever audacious deadmau5 replied

Let him go back to being no longer relevant

Honestly, it seems like deadmau5 doesn’t really care what anyone thinks, but really, isn’t that why we love him.

so according to some, my career is spiraling downwards at breakneck speed where i will be thrust into a pit of irrelevancy and non-fame status.
how is that a bad thing again?
i have a cat, a studio, all the music making gear i need, and some lovely fans who remain true to my craft. and as irrelevant as i’ll become, ill likely live out the rest of my days, paying taxes, living comfortably as a nondescrip musician who wont be making headlines, selling out arenas. because i have no idea what thats like or anything. wow, im really doomed here. watch me laugh it off while it happens, continuing to do what i love to do.

As always, stay tuned.

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