FAM – Fiberglass Mic (Official Video) + Album

In a defined and highly motivated approach to creating their own niche in a genre, quite frankly, fraught with a lack of creativity and individualism, FAM (For All Mankind) has set to make their mark. Composed of 3 members, Yago, Danny O & Petey Free and hailing from St. Mary’s College in Maryland where their own educational endeavors brought them together, they started work on their first project, Finga Lickin Ridiculous Children, which while it carried weight, it lacked the traction to become a mainstay in modern listening culture and really retained its status as a hidden gem. This does not bespeak to the quality of the project, it being quite simply, a gorgeously orchestrated auditory gem full of life and identity.

They are back with their first video from the project for their track, Fiberglass Mic, and the production and quality of it matches the track it represents. Released today, you can look forward to string of likewise releases that are similar in excellence and production. I really look forward to what they have coming up next. Without further adieu, check out the visuals for Fiberglass Mic.

Click to Download : FAM – Fiberglass Mic

This track is from their mixtape, Finga Lickin Ridiculous Children, check it out after the jump.

Finga Licking Ridiculous Children by For All Mankind

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