Afrojack’s Thoughts on Paris Hilton’s “DJ Career”

So everybody who’s anybody has seen the introduction of Paris Hilton as a DJ in Brazil at the Pop Music Festival in the video snippet that dropped earlier this week. Of course, the big question has been, what’s Afrojack’s thoughts on the development with their recent breakup and of course her affiliation with him in the first place. Well, Sirius XM BPM sat down with him and chatted about it and I have to say, Afrojack was very thorough in his opinion while still keeping it classy and not bashing her into the ground. Respect. One thing he said that stuck with me was,

“People are like ‘this is the end of dance music’ but its not, we haha, fist pump and then we continue doing what we’re doing”

Hear the full interview after the jump,

Afrojack Comments on BPM about Paris Hilton’s DJ Skills by SiriusxmBPM

In an exclusive statement to DancingAstronaut he states,

As everybody knows, I have been working on some tracks with Paris a while ago, but her trying to become a DJ was a complete surprise to me. Then I saw the video and I think this proves once and for all that edm (or dance music as I call it) is all about skills and quality. It is simply not possible to become a good DJ unless you put lots of hard work and years of sweat in it. I’m afraid Paris underestimated this.

But I think this whole thing is really not important. Lets all do a giant facepalm flashmob and continue with what we were doing, loving our culture and sharing our passion for the music.

And of course, no one’s seeing what Paris has to say but I believe in looking at both sides. Here’s a statement she made to E!,

My brand and stores and products will always be my business and that won’t change, but music is my personal passion,” she says. “Being a DJ you get to create the party and bring happiness to so many people with your music. For me this is something I am very excited about.

I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, and of course we’ll be hear to let you know what’s up next.

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