Daft Punk Rumored to Release New Single “Renoma Street” In July

This might be one of the most exciting rumors I’ve heard all year. According to Tsugi Magazine, On July 21st, Daft Punk plans to reveal the details about both their new single as well as their heavily rumored 4th album that the duo has been working on with producer Nile Rodgers.

The last release from the duo was Derezzed for Tron: Legacy back in 2010.

This really is the perfect time for Daft Punk’s return. Not only has EDM gone “mainstream”, but finally the new generation of fans whose only exposure to the genre include David Guetta & Paris Hilton can finally get a chance to truly experience a new project from two of the most amazing innovators of electronic music.

I am way too excited to let any information slip past me regarding this release, so stay tuned right here.

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