Wiz Khalifa Inhales Helium/Performs Work Hard Play Hard (Hilarious Video)

Humpday Hip-Hop on Helium. How’s that grab ya for creativity? Lol. So I stumbled across this last night and just had to share it. What is better than listening to people after they inhale helium? Ummmmm… 1) Wiz Khalifa performing bits of Work Hard Play Hard on helium 2) Watch the French radio DJ try to inhale helium, but epically fail 3) Listen to the French radio DJ use the “N-Word” cause he has no idea what it means 4) Listen to the French radio DJ try and sing the hook, but fail miserably and throw out some mumbles. THIS IS MUST SEE TV at its finest and the perfect way to start off your humpday. And Wiz kills it with a blunt in his hand as usual. Enjoy.

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