Above & Beyond – Small Moments Like These (New Track x Amazingly Powerful Video)

It’s sounds like these, from artists like Above & Beyond, that really em-bottle just what music is all about. Starting with the title itself, “Small Moments Like These” already has you exploring the the little things in life that evoke such intense emotions, the euphoria. The video captures those moments through tour footage, shows, fans, a birthday celebration, and so mush more. Sounds like something that belongs in an Oscar winning movie if you ask me. It’s really hard to put into words what you’re about to experience, so just go for it. FYI, if you’re looking for us to label this as a genre… no dice I have no idea how to categorize this except maybe trance? All I know is there is nothing that would make a better post right now around midnight than this. Night, FITA.

Click To Download: Above & Beyond – Small Moments Like These

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