D-WHY – “Crave You” (D-WHY x Flight Facilities x Aeroplane vs. Friendly Fires)

Annndddddddd I’m back. Working 16+ hour days on week long business trips sucks, but expense reports full of bar tabs made up for it. I have been following D-WHY ever since he hit the music blogosphere and the man just kills whatever he touches and makes everything his own. You’re probs like oh great another “Crave You” remix but this is super unique and will have you going to press replay. Got my head boppin along with the beat instantly. Love how he can slow it down and sing along with spitting filthy verses. He just keeps giving us new tunes before the release of Don’t Flatter Yourself. Gonna be awesome. Does he remind you of Hoodie or is that just me? Especially after listening to this a couple times. Def gonna wanna download this one.

Click To Download: D-WHY – Crave You

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