Flo Rida – Let It Roll & Hey Jasmin [official music videos]

Just in time for Flo Rida’s July 3rd release of his new album Wild Ones he is out with two new music videos.

Let It roll: With another hit Flo Rida is so the soundtrack to my summer. Every song sounds exactly the same (shh) but this will be overplayed on every single radio station soon!! The video is a little confusing with Keith Apicary as the staring roll but it is def going to be a summer hit and was just released yesterday!

Hey Jasmin: I Personally like this song more than Let It Roll, but again def a huge summer hit… 2:25 seconds and on is HOT HOT HOT HOT like a dubstep/timeflies feel. Classic Flo Rida. Classic Flo Rida.. in da ayer ayer man.

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