Bon Iver – Beth/Rest (iTunes Session)

I was only recently introduced to Bon Iver – sure I’ve heard of Justin Vernon, but never gave the band a chance… Not the type of music I’ve been listening to recently but no lie this is some perfectly calm music for the work environment I find myself in 40+ hours a week. Anyway, the first line of the description on YouTube reads “Hearing Bon Iver live is, quite simply, all consuming.” That… is an understatement after experiencing Bon Iver live at Bonnaroo. I stood, and sat, entranced throughout the course of the show, completely forgetting that I was about to be “Phishing” for the next 4 hours shortly after. Truly something to experience. Here is a 6 minute live, multi layer recording from when Bon Iver stopped by East West Studios in West Hollywood. Enjoy and pickup on iTunes.

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