Marc Goone – Halfway To Nowhere (Mixtape) + Frat Rap (Official Music Video) + Timeflies, Hoodie Allen, Logic Remixes

“Frat Rap” may be the vid above, and may be track 6 on this mixtape, but don’t you dare think this longnecked white boy is fratrap. Halfway To Nowhere starts with a chill acoustic beat as he reflects on his past present and future, a little different than the witty, sarcastic, goofy, often times taunting lyrics. He goes all serious on us. Goone? Serious? Nawww. He shows us he can be mature, if he wants that is. But don’t worry, as you progress through the tape you’ll get to “Googie,” “squishmytomatoe” and more of that classic “wtf haha” you’re use to. Fact is, this is some underrated talent with unique personality, lyrics, flow and beats (courtesy of Paul Judge). After the jump you’ll see a bunch of vids where Goone took Timeflies, Hoodie Allen, Logic, OCD, Mike Stud and remixed them.

Download the full tape here [Sharebeast]

Marc Goone – The Chronicles of a Yung Tomato (Logic “Tic Tac Toe” Remix)

Marc Goone – Sprinting on a Treadmill (OnCue – Feel Tall remix)

Marc Goone – Hoodie Allen “No Interruption” Remix

Gooneflies Tuesday

Marc Goone – HIP HOP HIPSTERS (OCD: Moosh & Twist Remix)

Marc Goone – Lil B vs Talib Kweli (Mike Stud – College Humor remix)

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