Jay-Z “Made In America” Video Teaser, Or New Album Announcement?

Jay-Z is set to make a “very important” announcement Monday, May 14th, 10:30 AM with the mayor of Philly at an Art Museum. It’s gotta be related to the 25 second video that was released on the Life + Times YouTube today though (above). Now… right off the bat, this could mean many things. The first, and most obvious is that this is a teaser for the music video for “Made In America” off of Watch The Throne. But why so late? The second, is a European tour announcement, which has been thrown around before, and sure, is a possibility. Now the third, by far the least probable yet still could someday be the case… Jay-Z’s new album could possibly be called Made In America – as hundreds of blogs are “reporting” already. We’ll hold off on speculating and just provide you with some maybe’s.

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