Emma Hewitt – Colours (Rene Kuppens & Puresang Bootleg)

Emma Hewitt’s “Colours” is originally a soothing & emotive ballad that grabs hold of you with building strings and lucid vocals before launching into an anthemic chorus that would give any crowd memories for a lifetime. It’s gorgeous, subtle and definitely lyrically driven, but where those factors play the biggest part in making the original a success Rene Kuppens & Puresang recognized the potential for a club interpretation and that, to me, is remarkable as is the final result in their remix. For the most part they abandon the soothing vibes and uplifting strings for a strictly electro approach that truly shows you how dynamic the vocals are as they settle easily into the new environment they created.

Click to Download : Emma Hewitt – Colours (Rene Kuppens & Puresang Bootleg)

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