Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Love Is Not Enough (Original Mix) [Official Music Video]

Absolutely no one compares to Above & Beyond when it comes to creating emotive trance anthems and they’ve truly kept up the tradition with their newest single, Love Is Not Enough. With the venerable Zoe Johnston in tow, they deliver a heart wrenching video that goes perfectly with the track.

The digital format is out in a few days on April 2nd along with remixes from Kaskade, Maor & Levi, MRZO & Synkro. After giving them all a listen I can say that Kaskade’s features an absolutely chilled out house vibe akin to his Late Night Alumni tracks, Synkro’s offers a nice dubstep feel, MRZO or Mat Zo, oft collaborator of the rising Arty, features an awesome DnB remix that really grew on me and Maor & Levi’s another beautiful take on the song in the trance field. All in all, this is an absolutely brilliant and quality track and I can’t wait for its full release.

“The video for “Love Is Not Enough” follows the thoughts and emotions of two lost lovers in the final moments of their relationship – just as they realise that the relationship really isn’t going to work. The whole video is filmed and edited in reverse, reflecting upon the cyclical nature of relationships. The backwards footage highlights the ambiguity and uncertainty of whether they are emotionally leaving or returning.” Vicky Simmons, Director

A poignant tale of a deep love that wasn’t quite to be, the video for Above & Beyond’s “Love Is Not Enough” (feat. Zoë Johnston) captures the confusing, frustrating and, ultimately, heart-breaking emotions of those final, fracturing stages of such a relationship in a stirring and cinematic style.

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