Introducing : Dead C∆T Bounce

Comprehensive studies show that listening to this artist can cause frequent fidgeting, fist pumping and even, dare I say, dancing uncontrollably. Dead Cat Bounce, composed of Antoine Lanneluc & Filippo Gorla, make music bros dance too, girls make out too in crowded basements while raging has taken you far past the equinox of the pm in to the nether regions of the indistinguishable morning. From sampling orgasm soundbites in their Unleash the Dada remix to absolutely crushing Wolfgang Gartner’s fresh out the oven release, There and Back, DCB impresses. That’s not all though, their originals are refreshingly dirty, with clavinets dancing serenely over growling electro bass in their track, Movements. Their track with The Noisy Freaks and Blaster, provide the right amount of wub, dub & growl to show you that these guys bring the heat.

Some sick remixes:

Some awesome originals:

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