Phony Ppl – Phonyland. Album

Happy Monday guys. Here’s a new group that will make your week so much better. Meet Phony Ppl. The name throws you off, but their music is SO DAMN GOOD. I haven’t had a Hip Hop album on repeat this much since Kid Cudi’s Man On the Moon. Phony Ppl is a group of Eight Guys, who sing, rap, play their own instruments, and produce their own songs. Their sound is smooth, jazzy and chill as F**k. These guys just signed a deal with Warner Bros. I’m expecting many big things coming from them in the future.

Download their premier album for free here and check out their website here

Here’s a couple songs to give you a good sense of their sound (Whamz is my personal favorite).

Download: Phony Ppl – Whamz

Download: Phony Ppl – Morning Light

Download: Phony Ppl – 4 The 1st Time

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!