Avicii With Another Unnamed “ID” Track, “Let’s Get It On?” Plus, “Gotta Hold On” Really May Be Avicii!

More and more claims that Avicii played this Jan 19th in Houston, so it’s sounding more and more likely that (for once) we may actually have a new Avicii track on our hands! But then again, who knows? Regardless, it’s good. Upon further research… it appears that this, along with numerous other “ID’s” are indeed Avicii.. he’s been playing numerous new tracks on the “House For Hunger” tour. I’m also including what the web has labeled as “Gotta Hold On” in pretty damn good condition, and after hearing more and more reports that he’s been playing this live.. I think it’s about that time to officially label it as Avicii.

Click To Download: (Maybe) Avicii – Let’s Get It On (Unnamed “ID” Track Jan 2012)

Click To Download: Avicii – Gotta Hold On

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