Presenting: Tanya Lacey

Watch out Tanya Lacey is goin in… the 25 year old British soul ( yeahhhhh ) singer is hot. Born and raised in the small town Bristol she was surrounded by creativity and music but her big move to London was what connected her creativity and drive to the music industry. She left for London with one suitcase and no place to stay but her motto “Music saves all” was what kept her pushing to make it big. She recently signed with Sony Records and has a untitled album coming out soon. Her sick ass voice has soul and texture are full of soul, hip-hop and reggae which comes from her work with the roots for three years. Her sound and style is a breathe of fresh air. 2012 is her year, here is her latest hit “Letter To My Ex”.

Click To Download: Tanya Lacey/Letter To My Ex

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