Introducing : BETABLOCK3R [Feel Good Electro House]

Their music sounds like summer, almost like a drive to the beach with your best friends in your jeep. I mean, that good, but even beyond that, its got this feel good electro-rockstar vibe that I am currently addicted to. Their two original tracks, Alive & Hot Damn, fight for my attention midst replay after replay as I find myself stuck on their soundcloud page. Betablock3r is a three man outfit from Los Angeles, with Chris Boulos on the vocals as well as production, Ryan George on guitar & Ilai Lebel on the drums. I won’t lie, I want to see these guys live in the near future, and according to their facebook page they are working on two more original tracks and I wait with baited breath to hear more. The Brofessional is impressed.

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The Steelwells – El Capitan (BETABLOCK3R Remix) Good!!!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!