Chillstep – Chicken Wobbles for the Soul (Finals Help)

Yup, its Final’s week, that dreaded time of year that destroys every college kid across the country. Have no fear though, for I have your cure, music. The first and second songs were realsed in 2009, and never made it to the blogs. ENiGMA creates beautiful wobbles that naturally sooth your adderall infused racing heart. The third song I have listed is a brand new Van Hooft & Forever Kid remix, of none other than Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know. So relax, catch your breath, and let the music fill your headphones. Remember FBGM!

Check out ENGiMA’s soundcloud and like him on facebook for a ton of more songs!

Click To Download: Saeglopur (ENiGMA Remix)

Click To Download: Hide and Seek (ENiGMA Remix)

Click To Download: How Will I Know Remix

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!