Introducing Popeska: New Electro Glitch Dubstep Sound

I remember hearing 1 minute snippets of Popeska‘s tracks quite some time ago while he was just “messing around” getting the link from his brother’s frat bro saying he’s the next big thing. I was definitely skeptical at first because 60 seconds is not enough to judge, but last night I took some time to check out his recent full length tracks over on his soundcloud, and was thoroughly impressed. I’m not the biggest glitch fan – I love dubstep, electro, house, just some of that glitch sound doesn’t do it for me; but even I could appreciate just how f*cking dirty his mix of electro, glitch, dubstep, some house, and more is.

Click To Download: Popeska – Good Times With The Friends

Click To Download: Popeska – Let’s Have A Party!!! (Original Mix)

Click To Download: Popeska – We Can Dance (Original Mix)

Click To Download: Popeska – Back To The Streets (Original Mix)

Click To Download: Popeska – Knives To A Gunfight (Original Mix)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!