Kid Cudi – Rap Hard (Mixtape Circa 2000-2001)

Holy. What do we have here…? Looks like Cudi’s demo tape from 10 years ago – a 16 or 17 year old Mr. Rager? Woah. As much as I’d love to hear him from back then, how bout releasing some new music man, “How To Make It In America” is dope as hell, but some new music or at least features (besides the Wale one) would be appreciated, just sayin’.

Download the full tape here [Hulkshare]

01. Intro to Rap Hard
02. I’m Not The Average
03. Skit
04. Pushing Niggas
05. Pimpin’
06. Interlude
07. I’m That
08. Get Ya Mind Correct
09. Skit
10. Party All The Time
11. Shed A Little Light
12. Spontaneously Combust

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!