3000th Post.

Holy shit. It’s been about a year and a month, and we’ve given you 3000 posts, with who knows how many songs. Just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the site and letting us have an audience to post to – would be kinda pointless to just post music without thousands and thousands of people to view em!

Quick things in our future… we just ordered our first set of FITA gear (tanks and shirts)! We just helped set up and are currently promoting our first concert, with Sex Ray Vision nonetheless. We also just joined the newly redesigned, rethought, reinvented Swaave.com network both for ads and content distribution! We’re going to continue growing, continue providing you with the hottest new music, and hopefully start many new things very soon, all thanks to you. So spread the word, cause FITA is here to stay, and here to dominate. Look at us now:

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!