Brenton Duvall – Phone Rings Goodbye

Here is what Mr. Duvall had to say about this:
“Yoyoyoyo what’s haddddenennnniinnn’ it’s BRENTON aw yeah back again 2 skool ‘em

So I have like, a hunned tracks in the can. But, they are all rap tracks, for the most part. U know how rappers be. They be late. They be slackin, they be takin they time. They be recordin’ vocals an’ shit. I digress. Point is, I haven’t put shit out in a long time. I been stressin bout getting better and making different shit, but today I said fuck all dat. Started making this today. But shit is SLOOOW, nobody’s gonna wanna use this right now. Figured yall should hear it instead. Also it’s 7 minutes long. Not that it’s epic or nothin, or even polished, or even good, it’s just 7 minutes. I hope you like it. Strongly encourage javelin tossin beforehand. and afterhand and middlehand”

Click To Download: Brenton Duvall-Phone Rings Goodbye

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