Swagged Out: Volume 2

Swagged Out: Volume 2 Is Finally HERE! As a team, we have put together this mixtape for your enjoyment. It contains nineteen tracks from nineteen different producers. Some will make you rage your ass off, others will let you chill out and relax to the beats. Most tracks are mashups, although some may just be beats and remixes. We hope to showcase what we can do as a team, and bring musical enjoyment to your ears. Below you will find links to all of our individual Facebook pages and/or websites. Once again, thank you for listening. We hope you love our work. #SwagForPat

Listen To 3 Of The 19 Tracks Below And DOWNLOAD SWAGGED OUT: VOLUME 2 HERE!!

Click To Download: DJ Burnout – Don’t Call Me Jagger

Click To Download: Bruneaux – Dorothy Mantooth Is A Saint!

Click To Download: DJ Bahler – Midnight Brunch

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!