Mashup Monday 13 (Ft. Kap Slap’s Audio Appropriation)

This weeks mashup mondays is gonna be slim, quantity wise. But because Kap Slap graced us with Audio Appropriation, an hour of continues mashes, you should be fine. It’s posted again below these 3 dope ones, so be sure to hit “continue reading” or you’ll be left out.
This post does feature all 14 electro, progressive, and dubstep tracks individually too.

The Catalina Rhyme Mixers – Nasa Drugs (Kanye West & Wale vs. Ratatat)

JRowe – Bounce My Beach House (Kelis – Bounce vs. Sex Ray Vision – My Beach House)

Dylan Castora Mashup – Fun At College (Asher Roth vs. Noah And The Whale)

Kap Slap – Audio Appropriation

Continuous Mix

Turbulent Rock Anthem (Electro)

Without Ass (Electro)

Drunk Girls Run The World (Electro)

Smells Like Montezuma (Electro)

Illmerica Blow (Electro)

Till Silvia Saves The World (Progressive)

Rave N Roll On The Floor (Progressive)

Strobe Lights To Ibiza (Progressive)

One Rolling Love (Progressive)

Angel In My Bones (Progressive)

Touch Your Arms Against Me (Dubstep)

E.T. Feels Starry Eyed (Dubstep)

All Of The Lights (Dubstep)

Flux Monsters (Dubstep)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!