In The Mix #001- Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Las Vegas Tribute Mix

By now, you should know me, but if you’re new to FistInTheAir (where’ve you been?) then I will re-introduce myself, I am Josh Bull (Follow me on tumblr brah), I happily do Mashup Mondays every week for you guys, just hit the 10th installment last week, (Pop Champagne) and I’m just a kid who loves to share music so its no surprise that I am proud to present another feature to the FITA fam.

In The Mix features a mix/mixtape or live set for you to enjoy. I know, personally, that I love to just push play and let the DJ take me away and we want to bring that to you, everyday. This feature is sponsored by, a sick project brought to you by Misha, the Co-creator of FistInTheAir. Fan them on facebook to keep up with the awesomeness. No, seriously, do itttttt. lol.

For the first entry I’ve got an extra special mix, a tribute by SwagBoyFresh to the recently departed Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. This mix is insanely good and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Las Vegas Tribute Mix (JUN 24 25 26 2011) by Swagboyfresh

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!