I was shocked and a little depressed when I realized that Fist In The Air was SERIOUSLY lacking in theMacklemore & Ryan Lewis department. Macklemore is hands down my favorite rapper of all time, and Ryan Lewis is arguably one of the most talented producers. This duo originates from the Northwest in Seattle, Washington. What began a a small fan base has now exploded into a nation and world-wide group of fans that truly have an appreciation for great hip hop and story telling.
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The VS. EP contains some of my favorite Macklemore songs. “Otherside” is a song that samples the Red Hot Chili Peppers describing the reality of drug abuse and the overdose death of famed rapper Pimp C. Guaranteed chills every time. The first is the original while the second is Ryan Lewis’ remix, also unbelievably good.

Irish Celebration is a common song every year around St. Patty’s day, and you can see why…

Download the full tape here [mediafire]

The Unplanned Mixtape has just as many great songs as The VS. EP does. “American” is a comedic track about a redneck which showcases Macklemore’s humor.

One of my most played Macklemore songs is “And We Danced.” This song is performed by Macklemore’s alter ego Raven Bowie, and is the perfect party song to yell/scream/rap/dance along to.

Download the full tape here [mediafire]

These last two songs are the most recently released songs from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. These phenomenal tracks certainly catch your attention and have so much passion that you can’t help but hit the repeat button.
My Oh My– a song about Seattle Mariner’s sports announcer Dave Niehaus who passed away. This awesome tribute landed the duo a performance on opening day for the Mariners.

Wings– A powerful song for which the video is currently being made.

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