Josh Bonney – Gimme The Beat (Ft. Benjy Johnson)

This is a great feel good, lyrical track. Sampling Doobie Brother’s “Give Me The Beat Boys” you know it’s gonna be good. Josh Bonney is a college rapper, but he’s no “fratrap” :

“A lot of blogs these days have turned to the frat rap scene for new music and Josh Bonney wants to change that. When was the last time you heard a college kid rapping telling a story? Unlike his competitors’ Josh’s tracks have timeless beats, musicianship, and ACTUAL lyrical talent. If you are looking for your next up-and-comer go no further than Josh Bonney’s official music video for “Gimme The Beat.” This song features production and a guitar solo from Benjy Johnson and showcases JB’s real rap talent.”

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!