Mashup Mondays Week 1

We here at FITA are always looking for ways to get new (and good) music to you. Last week we added a weekly feature in the form of Club Privileged, a podcast by Reckless Dream that is perfect for partying and this week we are starting the Mashup Mondays series. Every week we’ll be curating the sickest mashups for your listening pleasure. Please try not to drool, we haven’t even gotten started yet. Want us to check out your mashup, drop us a track.

Send me your sounds

So obviously it’s the first installment so we’ve got to make it huge. We’ve got some crazy variety, electro, chill, you name it its here. It’s about to be Epic sooo let’s get started after the jump.

The Jackson Pit (Michael Jackson vs Passion Pit) – Xaphoon Jones

Afrojack vs Adele – Rolling it Right (DEFEP Bootleg)

Drop It Like A Ghostwriter (Snoop Dogg Vs. RJD2) – Vico Ono

Daft and Yellow – Download

Miamibiza Celebration – Download

DJ Kristöffer just dropped Blunt Roller Coaster. Here are some of my favorite tracks from it. You can download the whole tape here.

Play The Game, Win The Fame – Download

Drop It Like An Oven Gettin’ All The Bitches’ Lovin’ – Download

One of the sickest E.T. Mashups to date by the Mashmaticians.

Stay Crunchy E.T. – Download

Just A Little Airsteala Heart Is King (G.reg Bootleg) – Download

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!