Where Is Love (Love Is Hard to Find) [feat. Jonny Rose] – Mysto & Pizzi

I’ll kick off this post with a little story. Last summer as a friend’s party was winding down, a bunch of us hopped into the hot tub to relax and ease out of the night. These two funky looking dudes who I had never met before ended up getting in as well and talking about how they were music producers. I naturally took what they were saying with a grain of salt until they dropped that they were the guys who did the cover of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” for the GEICO “Kash” Campaign (which you are all absolutely familiar with and can listen to here). Blew my mind. Over the years they’ve been making major moves in the industry and this track was recently released as their new radio single. Just a heads up; it’s ridiculously catchy. Enjoy listening to it on repeat today. Make sure you stop by their video blog website and buy the single from iTunes.

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