Eminem – Straight From The Vault EP

Whether these are older songs, or Eminem has gone back to his old self, these nine full/teaser tracks end on a chilling note. What coulda been, or what can be, in the outro “It’s Been Real” Em says “thanks, it’s been real, I love you but I just can’t deal with the stress this game is giving me” and then continues to thank everyone that has “supported him from day one.” But this could just have been the ending for Curtain Call when retirement was in the air. It could also be in reference to Proof. Anyway, this is some great Eminem so enjoy.

Download the full EP here [HulkShare]

Download: 1. The People’s Champ (Intro)

Download: 2. Get Money

Download: 3. Emulate (Ft. Obie Trice)

Download: 4. Ballin Uncontrollably

Download: 5. Going Crazy (Ft. D12)

Download: 6. WEE WEE

Download: 7. G.O.A.T

Download: 8. The Apple

Download: 9. It’s Been Real (Outro)

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