Right Side Of The Tree – My Life Is Amazing + See My Dreams (Till We Can’t Stand) + Celebrate For Nothin + Party We Don’t Wanna Work + Crazy Tonight

Kinda long post cause of the youtube vids, but it’s worth it. Another post I’ve been meaning to make for a while, and now that RST came out with a new video today, I’ll post it all up. These guys make awesome tracks about partying, rapping over catchy acoustic as well as electro beats. This is some feel good music that is impossible not to like. The vids really are well done and fit what they’re spitting. You can buy their EP Celebrate for Nothing on iTunes and find them on Facebook.

NEW, upbeat party:

Sick acoustic jam…

Click the link below to see more:

Electro party track:

And another, similar electro party track:

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