Eminem Wins ‘Best Rap Album’ with Recovery, Arcade Fire: The Suburbs wins ‘Album Of The Year’ and Drake & Bieber Beat Out for ‘Best New Artist’

Update: Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” wins ‘Album Of The Year.’

Will I Am gave us a the lineup seconds before he went on with Nicki Minaj to announce the winner. Deservingly, Eminem took the prize to give him a total of 12 Grammys.

In other news, Esperanza Spalding claimed 2010’s Best New Artists, beating out Drizzy and Bieber. This led me, and many others to ask, “who?”

Dr. Dre made his comeback to the big stage with Eminem and Skylar Grey performing “I Need A Doctor” and it was epic – Em’s energy live is always intense, Skylar Grey still remains mysterious, and Dre does his thing.

Rihanna also joined Eminem for “Love The Way You Lie: Pt. II” and later with Drake to put on a hot performance for “What’s My Name.”

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