Henny – Through This (I’m Good) + Faded

Introducing another new artist that honestly I’m surprised I haven’t heard of before. I’ll let him do the speaking through his music, but def worth a checkout. Be on the lookout for more Henny cause he will be making some noise. Hit the jump below to read the bio from his Facebook, or you can just become a fan on there. Also, follow him on Twitter.

Henny – Through This (I’m Good) Download

Henny – Faded Download

A rapper named Henny? You probably think he is an alcoholic and parties 24.7 with a name like that and even though that isn’t too far from the truth, what is more important is that he is one of the fastest growing artist in the DMV right now! Northern Virginia is what he calls home. A place that is known for being subran as it can get, but Henny actually grew up all around the DMV and depvoled his talent for writing music in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. His first ever cross with music at 15 years old, a softmore in High School, putting out a home made ameutar release which back then wasn’t even titled a “mixtape,” but just a shot at displaying your talents to all your friends in High School. After years of house recordings, and freestyling kids in the lunch room, Henny finally hung the mic up in the closet and decided he was done recording music and fell into the trap of going to college and making money. Years after thinking he would never do music again, but still having the passion for music and always being up to date with what was going on in the music industry, he started interning part time for Target Squad who are a known Hip-Hop enity in the DMV! Building a close relationship with the Squad and Mista DMV DJ Rob helped him learn and realize that when you really have a passion for making music it never leaves. While working with Target Squad to build there interent marketing he also caught on to alot of how the industry works and only a year later found himself writing again and even thinking to take a crack at recording. Working in the office every week brainstorming internet marketing ideas, it was only a matter of time before he would want to take a crack at using the studio just right down the hall from his computer. He layed down his remix to “Tik-Tok” and after it was released everyone loved it and shortly after it was already getting played at parties and big clubs in DC because of the promotional network he had already aquired. Now Henny took the ball and ran with it and after making his college party song hit “Drink my Whole Cup,” he is currently working hard on releaseing his first project to show the world the fun and timeless music he can make!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!