The Dean’s List – No Sleep Ft. Dani Umme + Ready To Go + Kardashian

The Dean’s List – Ready To Go [download id=”263″ format=”1″]
“One fist in the the air Imma run this city…”
[audio:|titles=09 Ready To Go]

The Dean’s List – Kardashian [download id=”253″ format=”1″]
[audio:|titles=06 Kardashian]

Here’s the second single from The Dean’s List mixtape, The Drive In. For those of you that don’t know who these guys are, get on it because they are a sure thing and are bound to blow up any day now. We posted another sick song by them, “The People,” a few days ago and I’ve included another here as a bonus. But be sure jump on this bandwagon early, and hit them up on Facebook and Twitter.

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