Trey Palms – Final Countdown (Remix)

I think I’ve mentioned before we’re going to be occasionally posting artists you haven’t heard of, especially current college students and help get their name out there. So this is a nasty track from a new guy going to Loyola University. He raps over Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and does it well. Spotted this over at GMAD and this is what was sent to them:

Final Countdown has an odd story. I had been listening to a lot of Pretty Lights at the time and I saved a few songs away on a “best of” playlist. One night after a bunch of us got back to the dorms after a night out, Trey decided he wanted to rap, so I thew Final Countdown up on garageband and he free-styled over it. The result was pretty sick. We came back to it the next day and really liked what we heard. Trey made a few minor changes to his lyrics, changing maybe 20% of the original lyrics and the rest is history. All of the music thats on facebook and youtube, in addition to all the tracks we’ll be releasing in the future have all been recorded within the last three weeks. Any minor producing or arranging and recording is/has been done by me, “SB”, my initials.

Anyway, this bangs so enjoy.

Trey Palms – Final Countdown (Remix) [download id=”192″ format=”1″]

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!