New Chiddy Bang The Preview “Preview”- Nothing On We, Bad Day, Old Ways, Here We Go, The Good Life,

So we’ve posted a few songs already, and I just came across 2 more so I figured I’d put them all up under one post and keep updating it as we get more. I’m really diggin’ what they’re doing with music and I know their upcoming EP, The Preview, won’t disappoint.

Chiddy Bang – Nothing On We [download id=”178″ format=”1″]
[audio:|titles=Chiddy Bang Nothing On We]

Chiddy Bang Ft. Darwin Deez – Bad Day [download id=”177″ format=”1″]
[audio:|titles=Chiddy Bang Bad Day (Feat. Darwin Deez)]

Chiddy Bang – Old Days [download id=”181″ format=”1″]

Chiddy Bang – Here We Go [download id=”179″ format=”1″]
[audio:|titles=Here We Go f. Q-Tip- Chiddy Bang]

Chiddy Bang – The Good Life [download id=”180″ format=”1″]
[audio:|titles=The Preview – The Good Life Chiddy Bang]

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!