Snails Drops New Mix ‘Welcome To Slugz City: Vol. 2′


A frequent visitor of one of the top nightclubs in America; Beta Nightclub, and key member of Skrilly’s label OWLSA, Snails always wow’s crowds by working hard on the 1’s and 2’s to continuously create a unique experience during every show. Snail’s just dropped his second installment of #SNAILEDIT! and truth be told, Skrillex would be mad proud of this mix (I’m sure he already is)…you might even find some unreleased Skrillex tracks in the mix! Guess you’ll have to press play to find out. Snails also left us with a parting gift of good news:

P.S: Don’t go tell TMZ, but you might hear some new songs from my upcoming EP… :)

We can’t wait to hear his upcoming EP! Check out Snails’ American Tour Dates below and the tracklist to this killer mix after the jump!

Snails USA Tour Dates HERE

Snails – ‘Welcome To Slugz City: Vol. 2′ Tracklist HERE: MORE!

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Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Chris Lake Edit) [Free Download]



Scottish D.J. & producer, Chris Lake, throws it down on this edit of Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson‘s chart topper “Uptown Funk“. Lake incredibly makes this song even funkier while incorporating his classic “feel good” beats, and to top it off it’s a free download. Grab it below!

Free Download: Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Chris Lake Edit)

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M83 – Holes In The Sky (Ft. HAIM) [Insurgent Movie Soundtrack]


I would like to take a moment and just say thanks for the existence of OST’s, for gracing us with some huge singles and collaborations. Take a listen to “Holes In The Sky” from M83 and HAIM off the Insurgent movie, the follow up to last year’s hit Divergent. The soundtrack is out March 17th via Interscope. Not quite as many major collabs on this one as the first offering, but should still be good.

Preorder: Insurgent Movie Soundtrack

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Spring Awakening Music Festival Announces Surprise Headliner



We all knew this was coming, mainly because Spring Awakening announced that they had a surprise headliner to be released at a later date, when they originally released the lineup, but now it’s official.

Jack U (aka Skrillex & Diplo) will be joining everyone in Chicago this summer. The real question now is with how insane the lineup was before this announcement, and now adding Jack U on top of it, does Spring Awakening have a lineup that can be compared to Ultra‘s…or even better!? You decide. See everyone in Chicago!

Jack U Album HERE

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JACK Ü – To Ü feat. AlunaGeorge (Lookas Remix)


How do you catch a bear? With traps of course. This remix is so trapped out it sounds like Lookas could catch Bigfoot himself. This and the Bieber track are definitely the two best tracks on the album and I’m glad Lookas gave us his magical touch on this one.

There have been like 97,000 JACK Ü remixes released since the album dropped, but this is easily one of the best so far. No download option, so guess you are stuck listening to it on Soundcloud for now.

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