Bee’s Knees Release Funky Electronic ‘Variety Pack’ EP


Bee’s Knees is an LA based, joint project between Aaron Spiro & Adam Novodor. Quick background: as recent high school grads a couple years ago, their remix of Robin Thickes “Blurred Lines” was featured on the official release as a bonus track. Yesterday, they released a groovy, funky electronic EP called Variety Pack. They really show off their diverse styles, from going pop on “Rumored To Be Real,” unique future bass on “Fidoober,” to drafting Chuck Inglish on a hip hop joint called “Keeper,” some sexy sax on “Old School” and a RATATAT inspired joint with “Oh Sheila” with that electronic guitar … they really drop a complete project (and it’s only 5 tracks!).

Download: Bee’s Knees – Variety Pack EP

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Meek Mill Drops Drake “Diss” Track “Beautiful Nightmare”


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Meek Mill vs. Drake part #29351928734. This shit is getting out of control. When will it end? Meek was supposed to hit up Funk Flex to debut take the beef and debut his response to Drizzy’s “Charged Up” but… that didn’t happen. In fact there’s a petition to get him canned from Hot 97 after not delivering on his promise. But that’s neither here nor there. Meek DID in fact drop something later in the night… but it’s most definitely not music. It is in fact, just him screaming for 15 seconds. Observe: MORE!

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Janet Jackson Ft. J. Cole – No Sleeep [Music Video]


Janet Jackson links up with J. Cole on “No Sleeep” and drops a music video that’s already got over 4 million plays.

Download: Janet Jackson Ft. J. Cole – No Sleeep

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Jerry Folk – Futura [Free Download]


Ladies and gentlemen, watch out because Jerry Folk just dropped an absolute scorcher. “Futura” is the second original that the Norwegian star has put out, and it’s absolutely stellar. Jerry Folk’s groovy nu-disco style perfectly complements the retro throwback vibe that he’s going for on this track, and it’ll have you out of your seat grooving on the dance floor before you know it.

Download: Jerry Folk – Futura

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Little Giants – Lately (Love, Love, Love) [Kav Verhouzer Remix]


Little Giants is one of our favorite discoveries of the Summer, and we fell in love with their original track “Lately,” but it’s their remix package that’s really turning heads. Leading off with a darker french house remix by Monsieur Adi, the guys are back with a tropical house remix by Dutch producer/DJ Kav Verhouzer, who opts for the trumpet, rather than the go to saxophone, and it’s glorious! Remix package is out July 31st.

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