Diplo’s About To Be A Dad Again


diplo Kathryn Lockhart

Somehow between working on new music as Diplo, Jack U and Major Lazer, between developing a cartoon, Diplo has managed to impregnate ex girlfriend Kathryn Lockhart, with whom he already has a 4 year old son accorindg to the New York Daily News report. While he hasn’t confirmed the news just yet, his Twitter handle is currently BABY DADDY. Take that as you wish. She’s due in just 4 weeks. Congrats!

diplo baby daddy

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Judge Judy Learns What A Rave Is [Video]


I guess making $47 MILLION per year isn’t enough to know about Electric Daisy Carnival, music festivals or raves in general, as Judge Judy proves. Enjoy the minute or so where she is absolutely obvlivious to what a rave is, at one point even calling it a WAVE. Seriously we can’t make this shit up. It went something like this:

“I was at working EDC.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a rave.”


“It’s a rave.”

“A RAVE?!”

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Migos x Rick Ross – Black Bottles


Migos joining Rick Ross for the song “Black Bottles.” This track is an absolute banger. The beat is huge and this collaboration is legendary. Big move for Migos. Listen to “Black Bottles” above.

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Drake Drops “6 God,” “How Bout Now” & “Heat Of The Moment” [Free Download]


Hot off the press, new Drake!! And THREE new songs. “6 God” with Boi-1da and Syk Sense, “How Bout Now” prod. by Boi-1da and Jordan Evans and “Heat Of The Moment” prod. by his very own Noah 40 Shebib. Are these official offerings from Drizzy’s forthcoming album Views From The 6?! And is this the official artwork!?

It looks like they were all uploaded as a free download, whether by mistake or on purpose, but we’ll take it. Grab them below via Soundcloud.

Download: Drake – 6 God
Download: Drake – How Bout Now
Download: Drake – Heat Of The Moment

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Kaskade Remixes Galantis’ “Runaway (U & I)”


While some may prefer the original “Runaway (U & I)” from Galantis, for its emphasis on vocals and beautiful chord progressions, if you were to ask for a slightly turned up remix, Kaskade is the man you want behind the nobs. He manages to maintain the crispness but makes it slightly more show friendly. If I had to pick though, the original would still be my go to (it’s one of my favorite releases the second half of 2014). This of course isn’t the first time he’s touched Galantis, as “Smile” got that Kaskade touch as well. This one will be released October 27th, this upcoming Tuesday.

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